Pool + Spa & BBQ Shade

Premium coverings for outdoor spaces, all-year round.

You’ll get so much more use out of your pool, spa, and BBQ area with a quality shade that keeps the heat off and the rain away. The polycarbonate sheeting reduces heat by 83% and blocks 99% of UV rays, which makes water activities sun-safe for your family, and means you won’t be sweating when you fire up that BBQ.  

Waterproof & UV proof

These outdoor shades are designed and tested to harsh weather conditions. They’re waterproof and protect against UV rays, keeping your pool, spa, or BBQ sheltered all year long. The polycarbonate sheeting is 250 times than glass, reduces heat by 83% and blocks 99% of UV rays.

A sense of space

With minimal supports, you can create that open-air feeling and expansive sense of space. Our outdoor coverings are even council-approved to be installed on the boundary of your block to maximise your space. This means you can enjoy beautiful coverings without sacrificing land where you don’t need to. 

Architecturally stunning

So simple, yet so practical and modern with the highest standards of engineering. Posts can be free-standing or set against your house for a covering that blends with your home’s exterior, fence, or existing patio or alfresco. Plus, the aluminium frame comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. 

Shading System Perth

A pool, spa, or BBQ covering is more affordable than you think.

These beautifully-engineered coverings are exceptionally high quality, without the high price tag. We invite you to get in touch for a free quote so we can show you what’s possible for your pool, spa, or BBQ.  

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