Everything you need to know about Cantaport Awnings

When we hear the word “awning”, our minds go to drab 80s fabric coverings that provide shade, but are more of an eyesore than anything. Prone to fading and tearing overtime, it’s no surprise that these traditional awnings seemed to disappear as housing trends evolved.

But, now they’re back — and thankfully, better than ever.

We’re talking about Cantaport awnings. If you’ve been considering an outdoor covering for some time, you may have already heard a bit about Cantaport. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know, and why Cantaport awnings are great fit for any home.


Visually stunning and highly practical, Cantaport delivers a new and unique generation of awnings (as well as carports, patio solutions, verandas, and other shading structures). Designed and manufactured in Japan, Cantaport uses state-of-the-art technology to craft awnings at the highest standards of design and engineering.

With a frame made from anodised aluminium, the structure is corrosion-free and termite-free for a long-lasting shading choice.

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Your custom awning is designed to complement and enhance your homes’ existing palette. There are five signature colours (inspired by nature) to choose from, so you can choose something that works with your home’s exterior. You can go with general all-purpose structure, or choose an architecturally designed one for more unique requirements. For example, to cover your high vehicle, spa, patio, grassed area, and so on.


Cantaport coverings are well-suited to Perth’s harsh climate. The polycarbonate roofing shields 99% of UV rays and has 83% heat reduction to improve your comfort levels (perfect for keeping pools and vehicles cool). You’re also protected in winter — the roofing is 250 times stronger than glass to easily defend against rain and hail, and stands against winds up to nearly 150kms. With built-in gutters and rainwater down pipes, this is a practical, fuss-free structure that requires almost no maintenance — Cantaport really have thought of everything!

And of course, it suits any outdoor practical need you have. Play areas for kids, pool and spa coverings, vehicle coverings, verandas, and heaps more.

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Space saver

A key advantage of the Cantaport’s clever design is that eliminates the need for extra posts. This creates an open and functional outdoor space. You’ll be able to easily maneuver the car, boat or caravan, set up an alfresco area with furniture, and generally enjoy the extra space by having fewer posts. Coverings can be free-standing

Free quote

A Cantaport awning is a simple way to instantly modernise your outdoor area, whilst providing the practical shade you need. We invite you to get in touch for a free quote. While we’re there, our friendly team can advise on the optimal positioning to give you an idea of what it’ll look like, as well as run you through the colour choices and our seven-year warranty. Get in touch to get started

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